oh my fucking god




I’m so done with tumblr right now.

Fucking hell

Anonymous whispered: I can relate with the asking someone to the dance thing. I always get rejected.

It is a horrible feeling. And I can’t say that I haven’t thought about it every once in a great while even though it happened 10+ years ago. But its always good to put yourself out there. I don’t regret it for a second.

It also helps that he grew up to be a total loser and I recently earned my Masters degree from a prestigious school in New York City. So yea… 

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I’m guessing those are 2 stars.

-I used to be so obsessed with Nsync that my entire room was covered in posters. No joke. You couldn’t even tell what color my walls or ceiling was painted.

-My friend literally threatened me so that I would start reading HP. And now I’m more obsessed than she is.

embarrassing story/fact about myself

only i can live forever

I’m a huge Breaking Bad fan. I think that show has single-handedly changed the way I’ve looked at television over the last few years. And yeah, the ending, I thought, was fantastic. There was never a dull episode, it seemed.



Cherrybomb (2009) as Malachy

Emma Watson at the 71st Annual Golden Globes Awards; 2014.

THE MAGIC BEGINS - Funniest moment

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when i was in middle school i got the courage to ask the guy i liked to the school dance. his response: “why would i want to go with you?”


embarrassing story/fact about myself

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Yeah, very lucky.

"Have it your way. Juice?"

Tom Felton for Essential Homme